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School Demographic Information

Miramonte School is a Community School that opened in 1912. It is located in the urban area of South Los Angeles in the Florence-Firestone community within the boundaries Region South and a part of the Rivera Community of Schools. 

Miramonte services grades UTK through 5th Grade. We are on a traditional calendar, where students receive 180 days of instruction per school year.

Miramonte's pre-kindergarten through fifth grade programs service 658 students, of which 16.1% of the students receive special education services and 1.5% are identified gifted and talented.

Miramonte is a School-Wide Title One school. 98.7%  of the students are classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged. 98.7%  percent of students qualify for the
district’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program. 100% percent of students receive free lunch.

Miramonte’s student ethnic population consists of 96.75% Hispanics, 1.69 % African-Americans, and 1.13% Whites. Of the total student population, 38.84% are English Learners (EL) with Spanish as their primary language, 10.88% are reclassified English learners and are Probable Standard English Learners 46.2%.